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The day the world changed

There is a moment in life when everything changes – not only for you but for the whole world. Sometimes you can call up the exact moment when it did happen but sometimes you have to think hard to recall the day. But it is there. The day that the world changed.

James Burke, the brilliant historian TV presenter, produced a series of videos to remind us of the memorable days in history that changed, well, just about everything for everyone. It is called The Day The Universe Changed.

Early on Burke suggested that “a forthcoming revolution in communication and computer technology would allow people all over the world to exchange ideas and opinions instantaneously.”

And so right he was. Burke is an expert at looking back to make some sense of looking forward. Because just as line is the basis of all art, history always repeats itself.

“The Day The Universe Changed” is an astounding series, absolutely worth watching. When you do watch it you might discover anew that the beginning of every new day is the first day of the rest of your life.

The featured video is the first in the series of James Burke’s “The Day The Universe Changed.” Make sure to watch the whole series – you’ll be amazed.

Also see James Burke’s Knowledge Web

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