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Origins of Israel Palestinian conflict

The conflict between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine  is neither complex nor rooted in ancient disputes. The conflict started, in history terms, fairly recently; in 1948.

The conflicts between Jews and Muslims in the middle-east region are rooted in almost ancient disputes but the state of modern-day Israel was establish only in 1948 and the State of Palestine was awarded the status of a non-member observer state in the United Nations only in 2012.


The State of Palestine – not to be confused with the geographic region of Palestine or the original inhabitants of the region – is recognized by 136 of the 193 UN members. The list of the 57 members that do not recognize the State of Palestine include the United States, Australia and leading European countries.

Israel is recognized by 161 UN members; most Moslem countries (including the State of Palestine) do not recognize the State of Israel. And that should explain the deep origins of the conflict.

There are 196 recognized countries and 61 territories (basically colonies) in the world, plus Antarctica. Of the 3 countries that are not UN member, Taiwan recognizes Israel and but Kosovo, a Moslem country, does not. The Vatican City recognizes both states and supports a two-state solution, as does most of the UN members that currently do not recognize the State of Palestine.

The two-state solution means that both Israel and Palestine should recognize each other. The two-state solutions has been agreed to in principal by Israel but not the State of Palestine.

Conflicts between Israel and the State of Palestine will most likely end abruptly if the State of Palestine recognizes the State of Israel. Their disputes, however, might not be so easily resolved.

Views on the conflict vary significantly across the globe but the Caspian Report gives an easy-to-understand explanation on the origins of Israel Palestinian conflict.

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