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Did you know? video 5

Titled “Iowa, Did You Know?” the 5th video in the “Did you know? Shift Happens” series of video by educators Karl Fisch and Dr. Scott McLeod is aimed at, as they mentioned, “Iowa policymakers, citizens, and educators and is intended to help them feel a greater sense of urgency when it comes to changing our schools.”

The facts stated in the video will, like all other “Did you know?” videos, leave you to think deeper about the changes affecting the modern world and your responsibilities to it. 

Consider this: “92% of American children have an online presence by the time they are 2 years old.” More than 6 trillion text messages are sent every year. Worldwide, almost every person has a mobile phone, with more than 5 billion cellphones in use. Internet access – access to information – has never been easier.

Yet, education is in crisis. As the video states, “80% of high-school students’ daily classroom study is low-level mental work.”

George Carlin said in his Paradox of Our Time: “we have more degrees, but less sense; more knowledge, but less judgement  more experts, yet more problems.”

It is time to redesign, retrain and rebuild the education system.

Did you know? video 5:

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