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Arithmetic, Population, and Energy

Population numbers are often discussed. In particular when hot topics such as immigration, energy or sparse resources are debated.  “Too many people!” “Look at India,” some say, “9 million new mouths to feed every month.”

On the topic of the number of children born into the world, Mother Theresa gave a strong opinion: “How can you say there are too many children. That is like saying there are too many flowers.” 

While 59 countries now produce fewer children than are needed to sustain their populations – 18 of those characterized by the United Nations as developing nations – the growth in the countries with strong population increase tends to be in the lower income group.

Considering that every year some 60 million people move to cities from rural areas – further impacting the cities’ population growth by birth – and that people are living longer, the challenge to administrations across the world is serious. A serious challenge for energy and resources. It is, of course, a simple matter of arithmetic.

Professor Albert Bartlett shares a few numbers that explains the challenge the world faces. His presentation is titled “Arithmetic, Population, and Energy.” Millions of people have viewed and shared this video, calling it “The Most Important Video You’ll Ever See.”

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